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THE SUICIDAL PERSON. A New Look At A Human Phenomenon
Columbia University Press

The book gives a profound insight into the phenomenon of suicide and what goes on in the mind – and in the brain – of the suicidal person. And it gives hope for people who may be at risk of life-threatening suicidal crises.


Compelling, compassionate, and comprehensive. Not only is Konrad Michel's book a must read for clinicians and researchers but it is written so accessibly that anyone affected by suicide will benefit from The Suicidal Person. Michel takes the reader on a journey of his career, what he has learned, the development of his innovative treatment but also his experiences of loss, including the devastating loss of his son to suicide. An incredible synthesis of forty years of research and practice.
Rory O'Connor, University of Glasgow, author of When It Is Darkest: Why People Die by Suicide and What We Can Do to Prevent It.

In his extraordinary book, The Suicidal Person, Dr. Konrad Michel has written a unique volume that fully displays his decades of clinical acumen, innovation in clinical research, leadership in the field, as well as his humanity and wisdom. Dr. Michel has an uncanny ability to integrate noteworthy clinical insights and scientific truths, while writing with a common touch that makes this book both readable and relatable. This text is relevant to a remarkably wide audience from clinical professionals, to researchers, to people who struggle with suicide, and to those who are touched by suicide either directly or indirectly. This book is a treasure – a gift actually – to anyone who cares about the human condition, the perils of suffering, the promise of recovery and life.
David A. Jobes, professor of psychology and director of the Suicide Prevention Laboratory, The Catholic University of America, Washington DC.
Book Cover The Suicidal Person

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Pub Date: 5. September 2023

ISBN: 9780231205306
376 Pages
Format: Hardcover
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ISBN: 9780231555944
376 Pages
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The 10th Aeschi Conference  took place in May 30-June 1, 2019 in Vail, Colorado
Theme: Affirming the Relevance of Narrative in Contemporary Suicide Assessment and Treatment

Organizer: The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, in cooperation with the Aeschi Working Group

For more information: www.aeschiconference.unibe.ch


Konrad Michel, Anja Gysin-Maillart

Gysin-Maillart, Anja / Michel, Konrad Kurztherapie nach Suizidversuch
Kurztherapie nach Suizidversuch
ASSIP - Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program
132 S., Erschienen: 8. Mai 2013, ISBN:  9783456852386
Link: Verlag Hans Huber, Bern
EURO 36.95 / CHF 49.90


Michel Konrad/Gysin-Maillart Anja Assip Cover
ASSIP – Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program
A Manual for Clinicians
ISBN: 978-0-88937-476-8
2015, x + 114 pp.
Print edition print edition €41.95
Link: Hogrefe.com

Product Description

An innovative and highly effective brief therapy for suicidal patients – a complete treatment manual

Attempted suicide is the main risk factor for suicide. The Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program (ASSIP) described in this manual is an innovative brief therapy that has proven in published clinical trials to be highly effective in reducing the risk of further attempts. ASSIP is the result of the authors’ extensive practical experience in the treatment of suicidal individuals. The emphasis is on the therapeutic alliance with the suicidal patient, based on an initial patient-oriented narrative interview. The four therapy sessions are followed by continuing contact with patients by means of regular letters.

This clearly structured manual starts with an overview of suicide and suicide prevention, followed by a practical, step-by-step description of this highly structured treatment. It includes numerous checklists, handouts, and standardized letters for use by health professionals in various clinical settings.

ASSIP has been evaluated in a randomized controlled study involving 120 patients with a 24-months follow-up. The study is available as open access publication in PLOS Medicine.

An article in Archives of Suicide Research demonstrated that in ASSIP the patient-rated quality oft he therapeutic relationship was associated with reduced suicide ideation over a 12 months follow-up period.

A study from the London School of Economics LSE, published in JAMA Network Psychiatry, found ASSIP to be highly cost-saving in reducing the number of suicide attempts. The study demonstrated that ASSIP, including the costs of training, had a 96% chance of being less costly and more effective than treatment as usual.


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Presentation by Konrad Michel in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017, at the annual Congress for Suicide Prevention: "Good reasons for listening to the narratives of suicidal persons“ (video; ppt).